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Journey of photography of open marriage gauze (photography) strategy

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1. Respect culture of local origianl work, in the experience odd beautiful scene is mixed enjoy sweetness while, also want to respect their way of life, the contact is additional when kind of life crowd and their culture, respect local culture and tradition, get along to just can discover a completely different world with person equality. Reduce travel to give local culture and tradition brought effect, business thing wants fairness, if local offerred friendly help to be able to be returned with redound of a few little gifts, but when presenting a gift, should avoid " almsgiving ' feeling;

2. Field journey photography is romantic, but some tourist attractions also are difficult, want special attention safe, comply with the proposal of scene area and staff member and arrangement. If travel,the virgin forest that destination unplugs at Gao Hai, meadow and snow country are taken, should notice safety more

3, prevent reaction to high altitudes. Do not do acuteness exercise in area of high height above sea level, slight heartbeat is normal quickly, but if feel heart and lung incommensurate or the ought to tell in time staff member when occurrence cold symptom;

4, do not fleet in equestrian process and lest mutual angle produces risk, fluctuation brow and course comply with when dangerous a section of a highway arrangement, discontinue walks; The horse is a kind of recreant animal, lest,give out shrill voice ' Jing horse ' . If want with equestrian group photo, had better not use flashlight; Not from cross after crupper, should express with the horse friendly or groom ought to maintain a paragraph of safe distance from equestrian front, cherish horses, the horse just sits not just ride, to local, the horse is the support of a member of the family and life;

5, pay attention to environmental protection. Cherish one grass one wood, note fire prevention. Rubbish must take these areas;

6, bring effective identity document

7. Note Tibetan an area:

The contraindication with * the biggest Tibetian is to kill unripe:
* god hill (inside natural groove guard) forbidden break ground, the one grass that severe forbidden band walks along divine hill one Mu Yishi;
* encounters cloister, the best discontinue such as caboodle, tope, and must from left toward right circuitous.
When * enters cloister, abstain from smoking, feel figure of Buddha, turn over Confusion classics, knock a bell to wait. The religious implements such as the amulet that wears to lama, beads must not start work more feel.
* is right churinga (wait like hill of figure of Buddha, Confusion classics, god) not usable sheet points to give directions, can the five fingers and approach, control is nodded up point to.
* avoid is received with single hand give article. When pouring tea like host, the guest needs double handgrip teacup to go out to pitch, in order to express respect.
When * proposes a toast, the guest must dip in with ring finger first a bit wine is played to the middle of sky, successive 3, in order to show day of hold a memorial ceremony for, the ground and ancestor, then gently sip readily, master meeting is added in time full, drink to be added again again full, drink 3 repeatedly, add to the 4th full when, must quaff.
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