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The complete edition of exterior photography note

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Before filming:

* takes a picture with cameraman discussion

- the feeling that him specification wants and style
- print the picture that find (should want to search with style of the model that does not want, photography, explain along with all the others)
- magazine and data (affix advantage to stick beforehand, lest break up on the spot,search old a long time)
- the referenced sample that takes out the ceremonial robe or dress that has carried to pat
- pat create a style:  pats Lang not to wrap up? of Li of crock of ヌ of Mu tuft Pan or the look that in looking for example on the spot, like, look than giving cameraman, it is the way that you want trends or static state anyway. . . . .
- feel him where is bad to look, ask modelling division to undertake got-up, the attention takes lens point of view, (Take a picture to wanted to say again that day)

The place takes outside * :

Affirm you want the place that go first, if be in not merely, affirm clear technological process please. It had better wear what dress to be told first repeatedly is good to had better wear what dress to be told first repeatedly (this problem that is modelling division)

* takes a picture time: " hold to " must take indoor scene first, take outer door scene again, " emphasize " do not pat too long too late

* wants outside the place that take:

* affirms take a picture that day flow

* is no-no:

Do not cut a head, black and white illuminate 1/3 the following, take wind restoring ancient ways, do not illuminate alone (4 pieces the following) , each modelling should have can see " whole formal attire " photograph, do not want the picture of halfback, face of element of the setting inside canopy.

* makes an appointment try on formal attire time, affirmatory and formfitting (bridegroom, bride wants)

Whether does * inquiry have whole group glove, act the role of article (necklace, head gauze)

* is depended on choose good formal attire, ask modelling division to bridegroom should prepare the shirt of what color, cravat, whether does marriage gauze inn have offer tie

* asks cameraman, modelling division needs the thing of the belt

* if you have the thing that wants to take (souvenir, hubble-bubble, cup. . . ) should say first

The requirement that * spends to holding in both hands, be like: Lang does not wrap up act ɑ to mast hang down  joint of bones owes Ken Mao? but the dress that should cooperate you)

The special gesture that * means, be like: Gourd ladle rafts  Jian

Respect of * modelling division:  pats Lang not Huang of blain ancient name for a kind of scorpion does not wrap up? of cerebral cook over a slow fire to ask an attention!

The hardware that * photographs, viewfinder, indoor decorate, setting, the hand acts the role of a glove to want his to strive for

* breakfast sleeps before apply face film sleeps drink water less
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