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The preparative item before exterior films (offer reference)

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Love beautiful MM:

1.Film wore white or light color that day without aglet underwear and small pants

2.The MM before filming repairs him armpit hair clean, lest the influence films the effect

3.Before filming overnight sleeps not drink is too much water, lest tertian make up eye dropsy is breathed out into panda mew

4.But take into consideration the circumstances takes what him part likes to deserve to act the role of, for instance scarf, necklace, etc

5.MM can be done do protect wet noodle film not to eat fat and hot food. Maintain the state of mind cheerful, what do not want to reduce weight hunger is dizzy dizzy oh

6.We were not offerred install the need such as bottle to collect fees cosmetic, eyelash is completely free also oh

7.Love beautiful MM to be able to do fingernail ahead of schedule.

8.MM needs to prepare high-heeled shoes of a pair of light color (incarnadine sock) . Oneself protect skin to reach discharge makeup things

The most handsome bridegroom GG:

1.Prepare black leather shoes by oneself please one pair is mixed white sock.

2.Repair face by oneself please (shave, repair vibrissa)

3.Do not wear design and color or brunet briefs please, lest wearing white on the west rat-tat is worn when pants.

4.Ask take into consideration the circumstances to take one. 2 oneself satisfactory light color shirts and a brunet business suit, the ox plunges into the facilitating collocation such as pants

GGJJ collective note:

1.If hair length needs clip or marcel, should at filming when finish before a week, such hair style more show nature (shadow building does not have a law to offer clip hairstyle to serve) .

2.If be about to take glasses to film, do not wear coloured please or glance glasses, our company can prepare not to have the picture frame of lens for you, if want to issue glasses to film, answer to consider glasses of the form that wear concealed ahead of schedule.

3.Film before today in the evening, do relaxed bath and enough sleep, the hair is cleaned clean, do not use fixature to wait finalize the design fluid.

4.Film before going out that day, do not make up, can do facial ministry foundation to maintain beforehand, with make up water and latex can.

5.If film in winter exterior, wearing heat preservation pants and jacket by oneself please, lest catch a cold catch a cold. Summer can take drive midge drug

6.Before filming one evening, avoid to stay up late as far as possible, drink or take sleeping pill, lest produce black rim of the eye and eyeball hyperaemia,should make the eyes tired be affected with mental not good all the day film.
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