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Personalized demand is ecbolic " marriage gauze travels "

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"Pat marriage gauze to illuminate should learn Yao Ming Xieli, choose setting to want to carry green hill green water. " this is recently a very popular in young lovers saying. The reporter understands, recently, the travel means that travel and marriage gauze photography union is together one kind begins to rise in provincial capital popularity, a batch of fashionable new people chose to go out at the same time journey, film marriage gauze is illuminated at the same time, record the important hour of life with personalized means.

The scenery decides case romance instant

"Yao Ming and foliaceous Li are in too lake source patted marriage gauze to illuminate " after the message comes out, on many websites, also appeared at a draught the marriage gauze that a lot of netizen brings back from distance is illuminated. "Because we love travel, it is the love that builds in the journey, travel marriage gauze chose to illuminate when marrying so. It is right we have special sense, 2 it is not to fall convention. " the marriage gauze that a netizen describes him so is illuminated.

Traditional marriage gauze photographs, film the ground often is canopy of shadow building, indoor shadow or the park that are nearby. The picture that this kind of slick way takes is flow operation almost, cannot satisfy the youth's taste gradually.

"This kind combines travel and marriage gauze photography together, the natural scenery that goes up with travel circuitry is setting, the burgeoning marriage gauze with photography unique work films means, more and more the youth that attracts style. " the staff member of travel agent of Heibei day horse tells a reporter.

"Yao Ming effect " gauze of marriage of the travel that take heat photographs, nature of building of travel agent, shadow won't let off this absolutely good business chance. According to introducing, yao Ming Xieli pats marriage gauze too lake source, Sichuan the travel resort with the distinctive scenery such as Li Jiang of channel of 4 girls hill, 9 stockaded village, Yunnan, became a lot of new people to pat marriage gauze to take the place of the choice.

According to professional personage analysis, photography of travel marriage gauze is breakthrough travel onefold concept, introduce travel new element -- , the innovation of photography, from at present tourism develops a trend to look to high end, fractionize stage by stage, the photography of travel marriage gauze in the future will make product of another important travel.

Charge and technology are a bank

The reporter arrives from many travel agent and shadow building understanding, this kind of product often can press the need of different people of a new type to measure a body to have something made to order, style of travel circuitry, photography, even board and lodging asks metropolis fractionize. Come so, look from the price, because be man-to-man service, want than general travel or photography of general marriage gauze tall, together with place requires a skill the demand is higher, this restricted the rapid development of new pattern of this one travel.
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