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Wear a marriage gauze to pat part company according to leave campus amour

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The university graduated, the amour of a few classmates also ended, then, a few accurate graduate choose to use " part company according to " will mark that paragraph of bosom friend, time that love each other.

Yesterday morning, the reporter strokes an area newly in n city in the building of photography of some marriage gauze of central ave, saw Liaoning is petro-chemical the accurate graduate Zhang Gang of the university and Li Qian (all be alias) , they are placing all sorts of intimate poses, await cameraman to leave them the hour of this one happiness.

Zhang Gang tells a reporter, he and Li Qian are classfellow, big 2 when them with respect to love. Two individual feeling are first-rate, but should graduate soon now, the whereaboutldirection in the future became the difficult problem that two people coordinate hard. "We did not come two pairs whether together, self-distrust. " Zhang Gang sound is very grave.

Last weeks, they two pat a marriage gauze to illuminate with respect to the decision, commemorate the love during the university.

Subsequently, the reporter visited n urban district building of shadow of gauze of a few marriage, they express to once had been recieved big the student of 4 pats marriage gauze to illuminate. A shadow building boss introduces, students choose price to compare small marriage gauze craft to illuminate normally, and these sweethearts still can have place negative is bought.

The reporter visits discovery, nearly 4 express to understand to this into the classmate, but also classmate of above of half the number expresses that he cannot be accepted.

"Be in love bout also is lot, take a picture to also be special memory. " a classmate of surname of the Kingdom of Wei says branch department of college of Shenyang grain industry, his classmate also somebody has been patted.

And the Zhao of petro-chemical university surnames Liaoning female classmate thinks, "Patting marriage gauze to illuminate is the most beautiful hour in girl lifetime, cannot informal put up with. Pat marriage gauze to illuminate with others easily, marriage gauze is not holy. Marriage gauze is not holy..

Lawyer Wang Xiangwei thinks, the undergraduate has not entered a society, mentally is returned crudely, even if feeling is again good also do not film marriage gauze is illuminated aptly. If too cursory, can bring future trouble to the matrimony in the future boundless.

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