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The group on net of 1000 pairs of new personality buys Qingdao marriage gauze ph

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Dispatch of Qingdao news network sends bright to draw fall marry to buy a climax according to the group dry,crisp air of autumn, the scenery is delightful, insular city new personality greeted the optimal season that shoots marriage gauze to illuminate again. The author understands in interview, new people besides seek advice to spot of marriage gauze inn directly, more and more new personality more apt net reports a name to attend a group to buy, new people says, the group on the net is bought let them have bigger surprise to the service from the price.

Considering the character of network itself, the brand that the group on the net buys must have favorable sincere letter to spend, the attention that professional technical level and gift of greater price privilege policy draw new people.

Photography of innocent marriage gauze is the omnibus shadow building with insular city the at present oldest dimensions, have " for insular city 3 acting people take a picture " beautiful praise. Photography of innocent marriage gauze took the lead in passing attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality in April 2006, the carries this kind of attestation exclusively business in becoming Qingdao city and even Shandong to save job of person of the same trade, to rise further and stabilize product quality, enhanced ability of contented customer demand to lay solid foundation.

Photography of innocent marriage gauze has the team of most fine photography major technology inside insular city industry: "Qingdao city chief technician " Mr. Zhang Qian, " Qingdao city highlights contributive technician " Mr. JACKY, " Number One Scholar of Qingdao city photography " extend the national work with teacher, only Qingdao to ensure an approbatory cameraman of 4 one class is in entirely innocent marriage, the 3 big characteristic that choiceness of saturation of technical stability, colour, composition of a picture is building of shadow of innocent marriage gauze.

On September 14 -- on September 22, innocent marriage gauze photographs " groups of 1000 pairs of new National People's Congress are bought, everybody enjoys 100 thousand good mannerses " the group on the network with insular city the largest scale is bought began! Make perfect work to make gauze of marriage of each pairs of new personality is illuminated, make each pairs of new personality are the looks for a romance a home to return to of own love, each new personality general that attends this large group to buy by " Qingdao city chief technician " , " Qingdao city highlights contributive technician " personally palm machine advocate pat, let you experience the happiness that films craft place is brought first-rate and sweetness, at the same time the spot attends an activity to book marriage gauze to illuminate it is good to give Taiwan constant freely to give birth to constant of brand pearl necklace, Taiwan to give birth to brand honeymoon gripesack, intimate it is good that Er of ceremony bag, hair dryer, sea confuses the surprise such as your washing machine ceremony!
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