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Prize-giving grand ceremony of photography of gauze of world county marriage

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On September 22, "The town lifetime predestined relationship of lifetime gets the brigade that shadow of gauze of marriage of first fashionable noble exhibits world county to award prize grand ceremony " be about to get world county to sell experience center to be held grandly. The brigade of the gauze of fashionable noble marriage of two months will arrive at last a period of time destination, the marriage gauze shadow of work of degree of master of orgnaization of top class photography exhibits door of ferry of the first assemble, the North America amorous feelings that is the county that lead a life pulled open the heavy curtain of romantic life.

From August choose first ginseng exhibit camera form to come the shadow will exhibit an end on September 15, this the brigade of marriage gauze completed trade of Tianjin and even photography of countrywide marriage gauze the peak layer of top level meets. Be called together in what get world county and below dominant, combined careful of much home website to choose orgnaization of 8 top class photography, between the golf field of the county that lead a life, villatic example find a view films elegant marriage gauze photograph. Giant star of person of big Taipei, romantic lifetime, Qiao Zhima Li, Victoria, new film, 1000 happy event, Ha Na spring of good, Paris () of beautiful jade of triumphant a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, inside the time of a month, they showed their outstanding professional accomplishment in the county that lead a life, the happy expression of the North America amorous feelings of general world county and new personality is perfect and shirt-sleeve.

Will hold on September 22 " shadow of gauze of 2007 fashionable marriage exhibits prize-giving grand ceremony " , the orgnaization of photography of bear the palm that will announce this shadow to exhibit. 8 photography orgnaization will be chosen " optimal photography work " , " optimal photography originality " , " gauze of optimal and fashionable marriage " , " optimal model " , " optimal dress " wait for 7 large award. The gauze of world top class marriage that guest still goes to appreciation beauty annulus beautiful Huan in the meantime is beautiful. Through the spot voting, network polls between movie duration of a exhibition and newspaper polls, participate in a shadow successfully to exhibit voting client, the overflow large award that arrives at the spot to will obtain the county that lead a life to offer likely that day in grand ceremony: First prize (field of Liu Dehua concert VIP entrance ticket a piece) , second-class award two (each give Liu Dehua concert VIP entrance ticket a piece) , third class award 3 (each give Liu Dehua concert entrance ticket, bear the palm person will awarding prize grand ceremony spot is draw-out. All surprises all will get shadow of gauze of world county marriage to exhibit prize-giving grand ceremony on September 22, pay close attention to to the top of one's bent.

Award prize this of grand ceremony hold, indicating the love that gets world county river to make be worthy of the name is manorial, with Tianjin all new personality become attached to that expect happy days, keep lifetime magnificent memory.
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