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Marriage gauze is illuminated - infinite originality is infinite and romantic

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Marriage gauze is illuminated, recording the moment with the the most beautiful, happiest life. When after you are very long fine fine when savouring marriage gauze to illuminate, whether to hear happy mirth, remember glad at that time eyes, or Where is the happy hour of recall and old fair collective originality? Is what a romance upsurges in the heart sweet? And gauze of popular to nowadays individual character marriage is illuminated, are you ready?

[orgnaization of V2 vision photography]

Change a place to talk about love

Give lens person: Xue Li
To Chengdu V2 vision photography has hear of early, the cinematograph of gauze of individual character marriage that can be completely state-owned name then compose. Before I did not pat marriage gauze to illuminate, had watched the snow mountain series that they take, quite shake, discuss with husband later, the decision pats marriage gauze to illuminate to V2.
Book from last year, film to this year, waited for the time of large half an year full, the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of V2 is very spruce, if want,pat so, be about to move at once. In Yunnan Li Jiang films our marriage gauze is illuminated, the place that I and husband like is over there, our hope can talk about a love in beautiful Li Jiang, through communicating, realized the cherished desire that with us conception has filming, the sense is very good.
What be worth to say especially is, the wish that finish while the love story that deduced a paragraph of beauty again, real feeling adds our imagination, the feeling is not to patting marriage gauze to illuminate, be experienced in the love that reviews us however and perfect our love. After patting get married gauze to illuminate, we two spent honeymoon in Li Jiang again, with one action is much, keep the memory of a lot of happiness.

The price: All valence 2990 yuan / day

[house of Wuhan vision photography]

Want to have the courage to think only, go abroad pat might as well

Give lens person: A cloth
A cloth, the vision is presiding cameraman, the experience that speaks of the beginning of the year to film to Thailand marriage gauze is illuminated returns remain fresh in one's memory up to now. Different region amorous feelings, different oneself, the happiness of two people is shown in different country, the sort of feeling pats the person gift that pass to experience only.
Go up in exotic beach, by large tree, in the building of rich amorous feelings, happy mood and fair look are accompanied, such marriage gauze coordinate this memory is very much.
Of course, filming such marriage gauze is illuminated need to pay monetary price, of ten thousand and five set according to can pat gauze of on several marriage, still do not calculate eat, want to film the new people of such marriage gauze wants to clutch so earn money!
The price: Start valence 2988/ is covered, increase by degrees with 1000 yuan, go up not to seal a top
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