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Marriage gauze is illuminated also sweep group buys wind

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You had heard the group buys the dress, group to buy moon cake, group to buy a car for certain, but you may have not heard the group buys those who pat marriage gauze to illuminate. On many community forum, reporter discovery, appeared recently a lot of call together group of accurate new people signing up to buy the post that takes marriage gauze to illuminate, echo is quite enthusiastic still.

   Accurate new personality gathers together the group is bought pat marriage gauze to illuminate

"Pat marriage gauze to illuminate go, I issued sheet yesterday! " the accurate new personality that net name is called Dongyin_126 leaves a message in some community forum say, she just signed up attended a group to buy pat marriage gauze to reflect an activity.

The manager of this forum says, inside a month, most group buys the number to actually 449 aim new personality to sign up attend, other groups buy an activity to also have ten pairs at least. As to leave a message express to want to attend, more.

On this forum, other the heat that the group that businessman of photography of 14 marriage gauze rolls out buys an activity to also get a netizen is discussed, more than 100 accurate new personality leave a message express to sign up attended a group to buy.

   Suffer the person that visit to consider to be able to go on the net the group is bought

"Want to be able to offer the privilege on the price only actually, if the result that take a picture is right also, the group is bought is a kind of very good means. " the soup lady that plans to pat marriage gauze to illuminate says. Mr Wang that prepares to pat marriage gauze to illuminate with cummer recently also expresses, he can consider to attend a group to buy an activity with cummer.

Accept those who interview is other 3 pairs of new personality also express to be able to consider to the group attends to buy on the net.

   Take a picture new personality comparing is much at ordinary times give 20 %

"The newlywed person that takes marriage gauze to illuminate recently is compared at ordinary times many 20 % . " the old director of store of photography of gauze of a marriage said yesterday. Introduce according to her, what marry this year is particularly much, autumn is when exterior is best, a lot of new personality can choose this season to take a picture.

"A month comes, already more than 30 aim new personality group signing up to buy. " yesterday, the staff member of onefold photography store is opposite east the reporter says, the accurate new personality that has booked collective to pat marriage gauze to illuminate also had had ten to be opposite.

The reporter is in other when two photography atelier is interviewed, be informed, come to what the group buys marriage gauze to illuminate be in they there very common also.

   Photography atelier takes the chance to hit a group to buy favourable brand
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