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Photography of gauze of individual character marriage explains romantic love

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Business signs up for photography of Li Wenjie of reporter of learn on job to report

Style of store of photography of gauze of marriage of home of the where that allow a surname is the service good, good, be economical? Arrive again marry busy season, marriage gauze photography became people to discuss more topic. As we have learned, the store of photography of large marriage gauze such as vogue of lubricious color, Taipei already was in Rong Guishe inn, offer marriage gauze ceremonial robe or dress, make up the very complete service such as tabulation of modelling, photography, about 449 can enjoy the marriage gauze photography with style good good service.

New personality is walked into " golden pink old and well-known family "

In fact, if not plan service quality how, the marriage gauze of inn of each marriage gauze films formula price agrees basically. Mostly in order to fold hind 1888 yuan rise calculate, and include the basic service item that marriage gauze takes, make up modelling, exterior films, photo is entered book, the everything needed is ready such as casing of bridal placard, canvas. Of course, service project but much but little, formula price difference also leaves with respect to distinction come, differ commonly 1000 yuan. Be in " Taipei vogue " on formula menu, if you contrast purposely 1888 yuan, 2888 yuan of two paragraph formulas, difference actually not big, much gauze of marriage of a men and women films, digital an organic whole book with frame of rummy graceful crystal, the picturesque casing of the others, placard is norms only a bit more largish, of both inconvenience is to want to make up to inn. Under photograph comparing, choose 2888 yuan be inferior to choosing 1888 yuan, flat perhaps choose more the formula of high quality scales.

Say according to manager of marriage gauze store, the new personality majority that holds laurel chooses 3888 yuan of formulas. This formula is on 2888 yuan foundation, number of digital photograph page increased 36 pages, the norms such as frame, placard is increased and more show showily. More important is, much a theme photographs, make you OK play the part of bout " Home Jin Fenshi " , " Bai Xue's princess " wait for fictitious part. Additional, makeup girl of marriage gauze inn, cameraman still comes to provide relevant service. Project of service of 3888 yuan of formulas is all ready, economy is practical, can enjoy the strong romantic interest when taking a picture, accordingly new personality of wide laurel getting a look welcomes this formula.

Exterior films the gardens that blends in suitable heart of ethical amorous feelings, Jiang Jing can make an outer door scene of beautiful marriage gauze completely. The most important is, gardens, Jiang Jing and the disposition temperament that arrange heart person comparative be identical, this is to arrange heart exterior to film in the main reason with look popular laurel. Serve as with suitable heart film the formula of exterior is in commonly 5000 yuan of less than.
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