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Zhuzhou City the first simple and fresh outdoor wedding fashion

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Arch of white flowers, white carpet, white wedding, blue sky and white clouds, the couple solemnly promised, "From today, we got married, common trust and love, regardless of poverty and wealth, health and disease ... ..." Today morning, Hunan Province, Zhuzhou City, the first outdoor wedding held at Villa Yin Jian Hetang District. Marriage is a major event, especially how the wedding is enough, creative enough, long enough for newcomers and guest memorable, people become brains thinking of new things. As the first outdoor wedding Zhuzhou actor, bridegroom Dragon Sword said, is to do a unique wedding, but as they are now on the outdoor wedding ceremony will be held, "fresh enough." All along, the wedding party, "the main battlefield" are in the hotel, in some eyes, it is difficult to "innovation", playing a new pattern. The outdoor wedding is different, it is more interested in Western-style wedding, more contact with nature. "Outdoor wedding fine, very special, memorable." Said Miss to Bingu, unique wedding ceremony for her very touching, "the hearts of every girl has high expectations for the wedding, at least for me, Today the wedding, the wedding ceremony to meet all my expectations. "
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