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Bridal golden week spends money to buy originality

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11 golden weeks are the golden week of travel not only, it is bridal golden week more. Want to be in 7 days this in hold wedding, your wedding day but have to listen to motorcade restaurant. But even if is such, annual 51, the 11 lively occasion that remain everywhere to see wedding gather together.

The Xiaowang that sweetness is in love 13 years and small Cai should be in eventually October enters the hall that marry formally fall. To yield this love long-distance running can have a perfect sprint, two people can do not have little take a lot of trouble.

Xiaocai: We are by April begin to prepare, the hotel ran 7, 8, but 2, 6, these wedding day are ordered went out, of next year 51, 11 ordered.

They were forced to be in surely according to the time of the hotel finally October 4, since wedding day is not carried went up, that goes up many times to choose time in bridal effect. Two people are considering, it is life important matter after all, how to wear what also must nod extraordinary.

Xiaocai: Everybody is the wedding that wants to each sex is changed, eat feast authority is similar. Thematic wedding tells the price be about from adornment tall, decorate commonly 5000 much enough, but if of the theme be about 10000 much.

As to it is what kind of fresh originality, xiaocai says to before wedding is held, still hope to be able to keep secret. As we have learned, a lot of new personality resemble kind of small Cai Yi now, pay attention to bridal individuation. Many marriage celebrated company and bridal plan orgnaization to also be certain this market, besides hold do wedding outside the specific flow that day, the mainest still is to sell an originality. Take subject of this simple " of " love garden for wedding, all sorts of roses used 2000 much branches, the cost of whole subject wedding is as high as 17000 to control, and express feeling like these " angel " or it is the individual subject that " brandish asperses champagne " , cost still must follow upgrade to break up.

Wave wave wedding engineers orgnaization organizer Yang Bo: We can use a lot of stage property, resemble much beautiful material, model of useful still helicopter sends the token that order affection, perhaps make the subject of love bumper harvest with the fruit. The inspiration of our originality comes from communicate with the lover, look for to cut a point from their amative story.

Bridal originality just marries merely the effect of the first market that tropics comes to, the expert is forecasted the marriage inside nearly 10 years celebrates future the market still will last high temperature. According to statistic, only complete last year Beijing has 170 thousand pairs of new personality to register, and basis marriage the statistical outcome that celebrates industry committee, if according to every average to urban new personality bridal consumption 8-12 is calculated 10 thousand yuan, the bridal consumption of Beijing achieved 1.4 billion yuan at least last year.
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