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"Individual character is ordered make " popular today autumn marriage celebrates

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Anthology marriage gauze, carry ring, search marriage celebrate a plan... enter in September, preparation is caught up with today autumn marry busy move makes the accurate new people of gold season final " sprint " . And the reporter visits Hangzhou marriage to celebrate the market to understand, as " 80 hind " become marry consumptive main force, flaunt " extraordinary " , " characteristic " individual character is consumed more and more make a kind of trend, and a few " photography atelier " , " the jeweller's on the net " , thematic marriage celebrates a company also emerge as the times require, market of race to control is blank, contented accurate new people " different " need.

Escape " automation line works "

"Atelier " building of challenge big picture

"80 hind " Fang Wei of accurate new personality and male friend ran recently building of a few big pictures, but contrast through relapsing, final decision looks for atelier of a photography to pat marriage gauze to illuminate. Fang Wei says: "We hear a cameraman should receive shadow building one day pat several pairs, such batch are made, be afraid come without time attend to your idea. Be afraid come without time attend to your idea..

And " a n experienced person " Xiaogao also tells a reporter, last year, the marriage gauze that she and unit pat with the time after beforehand is illuminated, those who choose is building of shadow of same home chain, result album makes the discovery after coming, the makeup that two people formal attire illuminates, setting and dress, join a movement even almost exactly like.

Be to escape " automation line works " , now, more and more new personality go to look focusing atelier of a few photography. "What we use is man-to-man means, a cameraman films one day only a pair of new personality. " Lang Hao tells the cameraman of atelier of bright song photography the reporter, before film, they can communicate idea and detail in detail with the client, when later period is made, in still can inviting a client to participate in layout, come.

Marriage gauze, plunge drop all but DIY

The network is " individual character is ordered make " offer advantage

Illuminate besides marriage gauze, gain ground as what the network sells, marriage gauze, get card of candy of Buddhist monastic discipline, happy event, happy event... almost all marriage celebrate things to be able to be in the net is aspirant row " individual character is ordered make " .

"Diamond of platinic benefit heart " be sale of an union network and experience manner " new-style jeweller's " , "Our client can choose size by oneself appropriate naked auger, deserve to go up next favorite give up is held in the palm, undertake modification to detail to experience center. " " diamond of platinic benefit heart " Hangzhou controller tells a reporter, the experience center of Hangzhou just opened business April this year, but this kind of distinction gets instantly at the sale mode of traditional jeweller's the youth's welcome, at present sale of every months grows with the speed of 50% .
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