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Overturn with " of " individual character and " originality " traditional weddin

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October, it is annual bridal fastigium. Nowadays, more and more new personality " develop " new originality, the hope overturns with individual character wedding traditional wedding. Personalized times, the individuation that how people hopes is bridal?

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Married in October do not order a public house

Recently, in day of net of Chinese peaceful wave on one forum, netizen " SAM " sent a preparation to married October however suffer from orders the card that is less than a hotel. He sighs with emotion: "What marry in this is seasonal, street is staging traditional wedding everyday almost, grow to greet close motorcade longly, hotel entrance hand holds the new personality of the flower in both hands, be in blessing and in be being blessed, a bridal Lu Fang Buddha the case that be decided. ' have a meal be troubled by bridal chamber ' , traditional and bridal mode, serious offence of corporeal ostentation and extravagance bridal mental element, new personality became the biggest decoration on feast. Can you do bridal travel? Disapprobation of bride, parents, close friends. Disapprobation of bride, parents, close friends..

If where,the case that does not order a public house falls, engineer the wedding with a dye-in-the-wood individual character, became " SAM " studied recently " task " .

The netizen follows post

Marry the thing that is not two people

Divide hand joy: Want to do wedding so that everyone remembers so, discover this is a very formidable task later. Look for a person to devise happy note designedly, look for a place to presswork everywhere next, marriage of discovery peaceful wave celebrates industry of form a complete set not much, the businessman that looks for Shanghai later imprints happy post, design a seal again, on the envelope of Gai Zaixi post, but a lot of people did not notice this, sad.

The acceptance in wind: Is business signed up for on September 26 to will hold wedding of collective of charter flight flying Apsaras? This also is a right choice. Be less than 3000 yuan to be able to make wedding allegedly calm, hold wedding in the sky together with close friends, the bright moon is card, flower photograph is accompanied, this is enough romance, enough individual character really.

If Lyons loves: Again dreamy wedding also with respect to a day, too good still the following time is bit realer. Do wedding greatly weighty still, if I can choose, would rather not do.

Ni Xiaoni: Male hero becomes Mi Ji, the heroine becomes Mi Ni, it is gauze of Q edition marriage is illuminated on invitation, the spot decorates Eden of Cheng Di Si Ni, every fete goes to Disney playing after, such should enough " originality " ?

Blue promises arenaceous: Traditional wedding is too trival, the preparative work before marriage is very weighty. I do not want to make parents, family member so tired, the bilateral parents, friend that be close friends gets together to eat a meal, taking bilateral parents to travel next go vacationing.
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