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New personality does lively wedding " have music "

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Hubei news network on August 9 report (Wu Zhigang bullion spring) yesterday, the Wuhan city marriage that arranges close half an year celebrates guild to be in Chinese hold water, hold first time general meeting.

According to introducing, wuhan serves as our country mid the city of center of especially big trade of 8.5 million population, annual and average 85 thousand pairs of new personality are registered marry. In recent years Wuhan citizen marriage celebrates consumption level to rise ceaselessly, marriage the progress that celebrates an industry also forms an annual produce to amount to 50 much marriage to celebrate industrial catenary gradually. This market greatens become mature, but marriage the harmony that celebrates industry standard and tie mechanism hard perfect.

Stale of idea of existence of unit of Wu of formal attire of not little marriage, extensive is managed, competition does not have foreword, lack sincere letter to wait for a problem. The occurrence of new condition, broke Wuhan marriage to celebrate industry for quite a long time " resource closes, resource bespatter of competition of conservative, low, a person of same business " wait for traditional management point of view, resource of advantage of communication of the information inside facilitating industry fills in all each other is connected etc delectable brand-new trade situation. Wuhan city marriage celebrates the establishs hopeful to establish standard, standard industry model for painting of guild, rise marriage the level that celebrates a service and quality.

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