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"New wind youth " collective wedding is about to hold

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Do newly to advocate marriage energetically in broad youth of Zi rich whole town, the new fashion of transform social traditions, culture of department of propaganda of municipal Party committee, round municipal Party committee, city does, family planning of citizen political situation, city appoint, city is built appoint, the unit such as bureau of wide report of company of Zi rich daily, town decides to hold city of 2007 Zi rich at was being combined on September 29 " .

This second activity by Zi rich city each news media reachs concerned company unit assist do, celebrate concoctive center to wait by marriage of wish of rich of federation of volunteer of Zi rich city, Zi undertake. Every age is in 35 years old the following, via civil administration branch approval is obtained " marriage certificate " youth of of the right age of city of rich of young person of industry of ab extra Wu, Zi all can sign up attend. The new personality that attends collective wedding needs 2 to carry original of marriage certificate, Id and photocopy only nod at signing up to each before September 20 sign up via registration form signing up filling in after examine and verify can, this second collective wedding is commonweal activity, not collection any charge.

Address signing up reachs a hotline: Municipal Party committee of round Zi rich publicizes a ministry (Zi rich piece inn people on the west road 24, inside courtyard of municipal Party committee, phone: 3171099)

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