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Individual character of make public of requirement of wedding of current new per

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Enter September, another height of annual marriage comes. The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, to spend this peak dot, these days a few already received those who order, the marriage with lesser dimensions celebrates a company to begin to borrow manpower to big company, rent equipment, " of intermediary of " of willing even and appropriative unprofitable, not only all sorts of marriage celebrate equipment insecurity, used even photography, cameraman not quite. Be squeezed in this enthusiasm, still have Olympic Games wedding already also began heat to order on August 8, 2008. Dalian marriage celebrates guild to prepare appoint meeting controller expresses, marriage of predicting next year celebrates the price to will have relatively promote substantially.

Marriage celebrate a company

As we have learned, at present our city marriage celebrates the market celebrating a company from personnel of course of study and marriage is a kind of inattentive relation mostly, every marriage celebrates a company to mastering corresponding photography, photograph picture, the resource such as car of compere, marriage, marriage celebrate company order in one's hand, summon the staff that match respectively again. Do not pass the company with bigger dimensions, commonly the autograph makes an appointment with the personnel such as emcee, the equipment such as column of arch, flower also is he is bought, update ceaselessly, look for the awkwardness that is less than a person to avoided to have order namely, assure to offer on certain level marriage the quality that celebrates a service. The company with younger actual strength accomplishs this very hard, basically be the autograph orders, seek a person everywhere again.

A marriage celebrates Dalian the staff member of the company tells a reporter, these days ceaseless somebody will look for them to want cameraman, cameraman. Nowadays as marriage celebrate from insecurity of personnel of course of study, compere, photography is photographed like the price also when the river rises the boat goes up too, the company does not have money to earn do not say, some showing number must pay out of own pocket even.

Individual character of make public of requirement of new personality wedding

Marriage celebrate heat while, the demand of make public individual character is richer and richer also, the international that resembles paying bathhouse of domestic Zhuang Haibin to hold a few days ago swims on congress, the phalanx of wedding of new personality collective that wearing archaic marriage to install the first end to inspect, caused the disturbance of the crowd on the beach. Bestrew doubt face to go up from people, the Jiang Hui in collective and bridal phalanx and Zheng Jiang found a sense: My wedding thinks? of Ч of triangular bream of Sun of admire of  wood fade how to do! More admirable is, the newlywed person that wears archaic marriage outfit returned field to change a swimsuit again subsequently. 10 pairs of new personality another go into business plays, broke the malpractice of bridal static state, become the romantic protagonist of envy letting a person truly.
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