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Marriage of autograph of new personality head celebrates demonstrative contract

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"This marriage celebrates demonstrative contract too significant, I want it and a marriage certificate one case collect carefully rises, take commemoration day. " yesterday, miss Li that celebrates an autograph to issue marriage of portion of our city head to celebrate service demonstrative contract in element person marriage says feeling pleasedly to the reporter.

Wedding uses camera to set a brand

Yesterday afternoon, celebrate in element person marriage, miss Li and male friend deserted gentleman marriage celebrate demonstrative contract one word does not leak the ground looked, signed oneself name earnestly subsequently.

"Actually bridal plan is in early prepared, but we are waiting for this contract to come on stage all the time, because had standard contract, the marriage that oneself enjoy celebrates a service to just have safeguard. " Miss Li says to the reporter.

Introduce according to Miss Li, she attends the friend's wedding before, ever had encountered marriage car anchors, the state such as camera get stuck, when be turn for oneself to do wedding, also worry very much, it is so in the contract extraordinary agreement a few additional provisions, the camera with for instance useful wedding, set a brand, must be model of Suo Ni 10P, want to have 3, transcribe time must amount to 10 hours, the DVD disc that later period makes piece long not less than 40 minutes, if marriage celebrate company beak a contract to be compensated for even.

Emphasize marriage celebrate a company responsibility of breach of contract

Yesterday, the city marriage that witnesses new personality to sign marriage of right-hand seat portion to celebrate demonstrative contract in the spot celebrates guild chairman Wu Bin to tell a reporter, association already celebrated a company to give out about 300 marriage to celebrate demonstrative contract in succession to a few marriage yesterday. And marriage celebrate a company the contract photograph of him place protocol is compared before, new marriage celebrated demonstrative contract to emphasize responsibility of breach of contract the most outstandingly namely.

"Previously marriage celebrate a company to lift responsibility of breach of contract far from before new personality, the problem went out to be able to be pushed in the spot push, new personality often is complained without the door. " Wu Bin says, set an example now appeared for many times in the contract " responsibility of breach of contract " wait for a word, if marriage car brand nots agree with, camera does not reach the designated position, accident of bridal occurrence safety, new personality but with marriage celebrate company beforehand to decide on the contract indemnity of break a contact.

The our city has more than 400 marriage to celebrate a company at present, will use in succession since yesterday marriage celebrate demonstrative contract. The citizen if with marriage celebrate dispute of company occurrence contract, can dial marriage the service that celebrates guild supervises a phone: 86620520. (Yan Yinchan of reporter Cao Jiazhi's trainee)
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