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In coming romantic October golden week, new people is to contend for more grabbing hold wedding, want to witness the love with long constant in the October with this thick the awaken of spring. According to statistic, beijing marriage number will break through 120 thousand pairs 2007! Among them about 50 thousand pairs will be passed marriage celebrate a company to hold wedding, wedding paid expenses that day predict to will exceed 1.5 billion yuan. This period belt you approach a marriage celebrates concoctive division, seeing her is how " get together " give a field festival wedding, be course of study with this --

"In guest applause, appear eventually to full-dress new personality, they are accompanying romantic music, slowly set foot on red carpet, the bride is pulling bridegroom sweetly, often affectionate photograph looks at two people, love is full of in eye wave, attendant guest was moved by the sweetness of this pair of new personality, beatific eye seeks the form as them. Abrupt, the mobile phone of bridegroom rang: ' what? Cake sends, bother you to send banqueting hall to me, I talk now no-go. ' ground of bridegroom be red in the face hanged a phone, the bride already was apricot eye round glare, a moment ago romantic passion sends nothing left, spot guest also begins whisper to each other. " this scene is not fabricate, happen in the regular meeting on wedding, a wedding looks be like a few hours, of backside multifarious let a person catch however mad, so marriage of a lot of choose of new person selected celebrate a company to hold now do wedding, do special save worry so, marriage the plan that celebrates company major can arrange wedding from A to Z appropriate, resemble the total director that is a show. Zhang Ying is done marriage celebrate a plan already 4 years, she call herself " get together a person " , casual, got busy about giving a sweet occupation --

Wedding of match well of Chinese and Western is communicated be as long as half an year

"I ever had engineered the wedding of match well of a Chinese and Western, early days communicated half an year. Bridegroom is a French, the bride is a Chinese, two people are very much the opinion is abhorrent. In half an year, smooth plan plan carried a few. Take invite a honored guest for: The person that they invite pervades world each district, france, England, Singapore, invitation I should design different style and language; Still have bridal color, bridegroom likes Chinese style, bridal preference is Western-style, as a result I designed 4 kinds of styles: Short embroidered cape of glow of phoenix coronet of Western-style, Chinese style, theme, candle power, each have a background, cooperate lamplight, dress, background music to wait accordingly, this ability satisfied their requirement. This ability satisfied their requirement..

Wraparound marriage celebrates Zhang Ying the plan is " service strong personalized profession " , every hope to new personality every wedding makes good commemoration day, the meeting is so captious. The marriage when early days is communicated celebrates concoctive division to want to understand new personality requirement adequately, gouge window, for new personality the quantity is ordered personally make a plan. "I had seen a pair of such newlywed person: They came to a company seek advice 3 times, signed a contract with us eventually. Bridegroom asks me later: Why do you know I am signed with you finally? I shake shake one's head. Bridegroom says then: You also saw, I am bigger than my daughter-in-law ten years old, I had divorced. We go to other company, they see me marry one young son's wife, have money again, flicker me, the plan that makes to me follows the social evening like. I do not care about money, with respect to the sort of evening party, I do ten to be become, but I do not think, I miss wife the wedding of a sweet romance. " Zhang Ying understanding should face those who come from parents to the bride very great pressure, the wedding that gives this pair of newlywed person so designed a special segment -- bridegroom the confess of parental the real situation to the bride: "I had been the person that misses, I am known more cherish, please 2 often be at ease. Please 2 often be at ease..
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