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In new Zhejiang net archaize is electric tricycle wedding, bridal on September 17... as long as you are conceivable, the wedding that for you the quantity has something made to order personally can come true in Wen Zhou. The professional wedding that designs individual character wedding technically for new personality engineers division to begin to take the citizen's line of vision gradually.

Distinction at before company of marriage Qing Liyi offers put arch of flower, hire, spot to film wait for bridal one continuous line to serve, professional wedding engineers division more resemble a wedding the total director that day. Undertake design and be preparatoried according to the requirement of new personality and actual condition about each bridal link, wedding had overall adjusting control even that day, "Sell a site " of the wedding that lets you namely and others absolutely not duplicate, this makes the new personality of many preparatory wedding enchanted. Go up month, urban Mr Cai and his fiancee is embracing the idea that makes his bridal and a few more special, a few more relaxed, walked into a wedding to engineer a company. In be communicated with what engineer division, bilateral gradually incline to is consistent, the decision is made with pink the fairy tale type that gives priority to a problem is bridal. The course is communicated for many times and adjust, bridal plan proposal goes heat formally. Include to receive send car, greet close course, spot to decorate, guest chair is oriented, bridal measure, note, face camera lens repeatedly even which angle is the most beautiful, concoctive proposal has define. Concoctive division monopolizes next everything, two new personality need to await bridal arrival patiently only.

As we have learned, professional wedding engineers division to still belong to strange thing in Wen Zhou, the plan of individual character wedding that should make have maneuverability thoroughly needs to engineer division and its group to run, the price does not poor, dan Fu appears or got many new personality are chased after hold in both hands. Some wedding that is in the urban district engineers a company, do not open business 20 come day, already received 12 pieces of order form, highest amount to 80 thousand yuan. According to introducing, of these 80 thousand yuan of plans is one " Taiwan type " bridal, the means that uses match well of Chinese and Western is held, in Wen Zhou " peerless " . In 80 thousand yuan charge 20% it is cost of article table plan, and the corporeal method of production atmosphere for example the expenditure such as flower, arch, held 80% . It is allegedly inside course of study more " breathtaking " bridal plan cost can be as high as hundred thousands of yuan.

It is reported, had had relatively mature profession wedding to engineer division team in the city such as Beijing, Shanghai, many people in them passed China to register marriage celebrate aptitude of concoctive division profession to take an exam, obtained professional qualification letter. But the reporter understands from concerned respect, the our city has not begun this at present on one hand qualificatory attestation and groom.
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