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Average citizen is OK the marriage that make celebrates special subject stamp

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4 pieces of marriage certificate, photographs, 230 yuan, oneself participate in a design, personalized marriage celebrates the 5 edition that you can take the fastest a week to belong to your stamp. Yesterday, settle of service center of client of business affairs of stamp collecting of capital head home is located in revive near the door on the west district post and telecommunications office. After this, no matter be the individual that accords with a condition or enterprise, here aux will be able to starts work quite make the stamp that belongs to oneself.

The reporter sees in the spot, the personalized stamp of postal company makes Beijing inn installed 4S to reveal, business affairs negotiates, the design is made wait for many functions area, deploy project plan, design to make, the newspaper imprints wait for a staff member, people can measure a body here custom-built individuation stamp.

Personalized stamp cent is special subject, special individual and enterprise 3 kinds. Current, average citizen is OK the marriage that make celebrates special subject stamp; The individual such as celebrity, model worker can make individual stamp; The enterprise can make enterprise stamp at any time. According to introducing, usually, want 30 weekday only namely can consign individuation stamp, consign of the fastest a week.

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