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5 pairs of new personality marry by steam ball

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5 pairs of new personality marry by steam ball (graph) New personality marries by steam ball

Gun salute is plangent, the pigeon breaks up fly, huge hot balloon enters the space, fly hand in hand to new personality. Yesterday morning, after 5 pairs of new personality of Nanjing had received emulated Olympic Games torch from inside emcee hand, in the nacelle that crossed steam ball early or late. A blaze is ejective, heat up balloon rise high into the air and rise, 5 pairs of new personality fall in the testimony of hundreds citizen, spread out a your person to look up at early or late look forward to " of the sky love " .

Yesterday morning at 9 o'clock half, the reporter drives this steam ball to collective wedding hold the ground, be located in south of the lake on the west when ancestral temple block, car of two lengthen Lincoln just sailed into the assembly room, 5 pairs of new personality on board to surround the kin friend of view and numerous citizen to wave present one's compliment. After getting off, lead in 5 emcee, on red carpet of ramble of fund of fund of 5 pairs of new personality, full happiness is written on the face, 5 pairs of twin behind flower child eachs doing his own job, measured, have quite " small bodyguard " wind. The wedding march rings, new personality stands on rostrum, a 23 meters long, transverse diameter is behind them 17 meters huge hot balloon, the blaze with ejective rear breathes out breathe out to ring continuously. After simple ceremony passes, time was 9:48, the 1st pair of new personality are wearing ear wheat to stand beside steam ball hand in hand, after had received emcee to pass the torch of emulation Olympic Games that come over, neat situation crosses nacelle, gun salute instant is plangent, the pigeon exhibits an ala to fly together, after the blaze of big group is ejective, steam ball rises gradually, new personality is excited extremely, embrace closely.

After reaching many meters 30 high altitude, steam ball stops slowly, emcee speaks through ear wheat and aerial new personality, see bridegroom only all over the face smile ground shut an eye to be recalled one time, say aloud next: "Be excited! Take off with the most beloved person, two words ' happy ' ! " pass this word when emcee after surrounding the numerous citizen of view, full-court palm noise rises. After 5 minutes, steam ball descends come down, the 2nd pair of new personality scale hang oneself goal, this pair of new personality sang a song in sky, excited unceasingly. Back-to-back move is the 3rd pair, the 4th pair, the 5th pair, every pairs of new personality are conveying their excited mood with his means, surround view citizen to look so that feel an upsurge of emotion. Live in a river Mr Wang on the west is hated cannot oneself also sit last time, experience this " of the sky love " . And another old people till new personality be born ability delay crosses a god to come, say continuously: "The hot balloon that is like acrobatics so is bridal, stimulation is exciting, but do not know new personality to buy insurance, who is responsible to safety?
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