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80 hind challenge marriage celebrates a tradition

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"If say the " after "80 marries before two years,still be bits and pieces only, they had been become this year marriage the absolutely brunt that celebrates the market. " celebrate a few old brands that influential force compares on formal market as Dalian marriage, ms. Liu Lin that Dalian loves to consider company of adviser of marriage ceremony wedding was elaborated to the reporter this year marriage a mainstream that celebrates consumption changes -- , " 80 hind " occupy than increase sharply.

The reporter celebrates a company to understand in a lot of marriage, as on 80 time stranger enters the century gradually marry the age, become this year " 80 hind " marriage the height that celebrates consumption year. Current, in each client that big marriage celebrates a company, "80 hind " can occupy 80 % above.

"80 hind " Lin Qian of accurate new personality and male friend ran recently building of a few big pictures, but contrast through relapsing, still decide finally to look for to film for new personality with 2 people love story gives priority to the marriage gauze of the problem to illuminate. Lin Qian says, a lot of a lot friends say, a cameraman should receive shadow building one day pat several pairs, such batch is made, be afraid the idea of new without time attend to people, lack individual character mostly. This kind " 80 hind " the general idea of new personality, making of conventional film building " automation line " exercise is challenged.

Reporter discovery, be to escape " automation line " , now, a few new photography atelier are appearing. With man-to-man means, a cameraman films one day only a pair of new personality; For new personality special design lives with them and be in love concerned clue undertakes filming; When later period is made, in still can inviting a client to participate in layout, come. These are become " 80 hind " the new option of new people. "80 hind " the group general character of crowd pursuit individuation, brewed directly marriage the new business chance that celebrates the market. The reporter understands, illuminate besides marriage gauze, now marriage gauze, get card of candy of Buddhist monastic discipline, happy event, happy event... almost it is OK that all marriages celebrate things " individual character is ordered make " .

Area of Beijing University of Bao Hua of wet Hong Jizhu manager collect Xia Ying introduces to the reporter, what at present they are rolling out in Dalian is naked get a sale to be among accurate new personality very welcome. "The client can choose size by oneself appropriate naked auger, deserve to go up next favorite give up is held in the palm, still can undertake modification to detail. Still can undertake modification to detail..

Network criterion new people " individuation " demand gather rises, buy through the group reduce the price, solved so " individuation " the cost that cause is high problem, order on the network do candy of marriage gauze formal attire, invitation, happy event to wait almost things of complete set marriage, write oneself experience into marry strategy, offer other netizen reference, it is " 80 hind " marriage the new way that celebrates consumption.
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