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Marriage Qing Liyi: Add bit of candy to love

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Holiday is marriage celebrate day. Even if 2007 is marriage celebrate off year, 11 these days wedding or platoon get full to the brim.

With respect to life character, marriage is an important matter really. New people all without exception wants to have an unforgettable all one's life wedding. And marriage Qing Liyi, should be this wedding to come namely perfect. Read extensively in Suzhou marriage celebrate a company, the reporter experienced this plants bout to work sweetly personally.

The plan gives out different

Hurried to a company to go to work at 9 o'clock in the morning, wedding engineers Shi Daihong to had been in examine today's bridal plan.

Generally bridal, have the program of an established by usage. Concoctive division, want to give out namely what can make a person deep remember is different. Dai Hong gives this wedding concoctive climax, it is the bride gives a MP4 to bridegroom. This thing bride does not know from beginning to end, dai Hong comes from the gouge in bridegroom mouth. Then, dai Hong designed such the three unities, let a bride be answered to bridegroom on wedding give a MP4, be opposite in order to express in those days friendly feelings will always bear in mind. Dai Hong gives a reporter this assistant attend class. A good plan, do not do a homework to go out impossibly beforehand new, not beautiful idea goes conceiving give prize impossibly.

Look from the plan, this is a quite perfect wedding, desalt compere and formal link, the key stresses the part of the real situation from the back. Nevertheless, dai Hong still engineers assistant this to relapse to detail temporarily with the reporter deliberate. His logion is: third-rate wedding engineers division to let person laugh, secondary bridal plan division lets a person cry, first-class wedding engineers division to let a person cry to laugh again.

Linkage of many arm of services is in behind the curtain

Listened one morning concoctive division grooms lecture, the reporter is driven as spot staff member again afternoon go to guesthouse, do the work that the spot assigns.

Do not look down upon this spot to decorate, the much arm of services that this can be a standard fights. Tuner, lighting engineer, cameraman, horticultural division, each at hand has absolutely vivid. What the reporter works above all is.

The flower is to those who go up is insert in the road to bring, each half person's high road is brought what bridegroom bride will become to advance after inserting full flower is how-to. Responsible and land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another is the horticultural master of company specialized service. Treat a master worker land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another and special simple, left hand scissors, right hand flower, cut insert, a road brings the instant to be dressed up finish. But try ability to know, not so simple. The reporter inserts the first flower that take crestfallen, insert with the master go in have great difference. "Keep a branch too long! " the master pulls out the flower comes, one scissors of Ka Ca, insert again as expected different. How is the 2nd beautiful reporter also inserted do not go in, the master pointed to the position a long time, can insert namely do not enter. "Be inserted to other flower branch! " the master stretchs his hand to be felt found out a reason. The 3rd spends anyhow homing, insert prettily like the model went up. Master evaluation: "Can help! " let a reporter feel contented really.
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