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Hefei will establish professional marriage to celebrate concoctive division club

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The article comes from Hefei online website: Today bright a good time can be in many new personality eyes that two years shortly will step marital hall, according to civilian view, one is golden pig year, one is an Olympic Games year, very appropriate marry, the wedding that holds during the golden week is as one falls more. However, marry the trival program in the process lets many new personality feel bustling and tired out. "Him plan does not have experience, spent cost of 7000 yuan of plans to entrust then marriage celebrate a company, what good plan can not see on wedding, this money seemed to hit water to float. Does this wedding plan have an unified level after all? " the gentleman of citizen lotus root that just enters marital hall this year has very much some feel puzzled. With him, many new personality had given out such doubt: Marriage how to celebrate a plan after all to do?

A few days ago, of a having sth new " new personality classroom " heavy curtain is pulled open below the organization that celebrates marriage of love of allusion of industry committee, Hefei in marriage of association of work of the Anhui province. Professional marriage celebrates concoctive division to also approach first Hefei new personality. Be in every week two hours " new personality classroom " on, no matter be illuminated from marriage gauze, the decoration that receives close motorcade and the design of feast design, design, the choice that still is formal attire of the preparation that the bride holds a flower in both hands, new personality, bridal that day the photography of grand occasion, the optimal line that provides honeymoon trip for new personality even and travel agent... marriage celebrated concoctive division to give new people each close proposal, win authority reputably.

Engineering division is bridal in important role

"Marriage celebrating a plan is service strong personalized profession. Every hope to new personality every wedding makes good commemoration day, the meeting is very so captious. The marriage when early days is communicated celebrates concoctive division to want to understand new personality requirement adequately, gouge window, for new personality the quantity has something made to order personally a plan. " marriage celebrate concoctive division Gu Yumei to tell a reporter, as people income level what rise and consume an idea is newer, right marriage celebrated a service to also have higher demand, as marriage celebrate concoctive division, can basis marriage the individual setting that celebrates service object, the quantity has something made to order personally the marriage that suits them most celebrates means. In a wedding, engineering division is very important role. A wedding is successful, depend on greatly of the level of bridal plan division and compere face a play ability.

"Marriage celebrate concoctive division to should have background of deep traditional culture knowledge, to wedding all sorts of consuetudinary be known somewhat and study, can blend in these custom to wedding according to the requirement of new personality in the center. In the meantime, patient ground and client are communicated, understand their requirement on bridal arrangement, measure the concoctive plan with custom-built and detailed body for them. How marry the important hour in this one life is designed festivally lucky, do not provide craftsmanship and your person is lifelong and unforgettable, celebrating a plan to each marriage is a not small challenge for division.
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