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Wedding is an important matter in people lifetime, always want to do bit more creditably, as people living standard and consumption level grow increasingly, add modern to pursue style. So, the wedding of current popularity has wedding of wedding of type of thematic wedding, travel wedding, beach wedding, candle power wedding, lawn wedding, Chinese and Western, hotel, collective wedding to wait a moment. And those who do at most is thematic wedding. The reporter still understands a soldier in interview same the bride of a the Chaoxian nationality held those who appreciate the kindness of the uncle that foster to be thankful bridal.

The bridal light nowadays places wine to be about to spend 7, 80 thousand yuan, bank note, house and car come down to say less to also want hundred thousands of yuan entirely, compared with 7, 80 time are about much more luxurious.

And the wedding of austere romance, individuation also has distinguishing feature each, from affirmatory wedding day, buy marriage gauze, select bridal site, collect guest list, hair seat of invitation card, calm feast, arrangement. Hit a budget to look for a matron of honour of car, man seeking partner to want busy a few months, extravagant and luxurious bridal backside does not know to bury below how many a bitter pill to swallow. And collective wedding is economical and romantic, spectacle is great and interesting, really hard dismiss from one's mind.

The reporter goes up 26 days month to see in bureau of civil administration of the city zone, come round to register the sweethearts in an endless stream that marry, walk into hall of marital registry office, there is a brand awesomely before hall, write above " accept marriage to register a number today full already, forgive please " . Original, this day is August 16, common saying says: The moon of 15 16 circles. Preparative marrier is driving wedding day to register.

Before the city zone shares 2706 pairs of new talents first half of the year this year, be registered as we have learned marry, end to 4200 pairs of new personality are registered now. There are many pairs 40 27 days afternoon only. So, every year so much person marries, are these new personality how to manage a wedding? The wedding with current what kind of popularity? How to do wedding already save labour, be economical romantic? For this, the reporter visited to undertake technically bridal formal company.

Thematic wedding having a unique style

"The wedding of modern has differred with traditional wedding. Develop two this years as the high speed of clear far economy, the standard of living of people and consumption level also grow increasingly.

Modern pursues style, a lot of new personality come here seek advice, say one's whole life once, wedding always wants to do creditably and having a unique style. " Miss Tang of formal company says so. Miss Tang tells us the wedding of current popularity basically is thematic wedding, wedding of travel wedding, beach wedding, candle power wedding, lawn wedding, type of Chinese and Western, hotel wedding, collective wedding is waited a moment. And what they do at most is thematic wedding. During interviewing, as it happens comes up against a gentleman of surname plum and fiancee to seek advice. "Had come a few times, " Miss Tang introduces enthusiasticly. So Mr Li is a soldier, preparation in the our city hotel of class of a star holds wedding, fete guest, because he and bride are foreigner, work at ordinary times busy, entrust this formal company to hold do. "Save worry, charge moderate, basically be to rectify a bridal design to get very perfect, warmth most. " new a form of address for one's wife is person of the Chaoxian nationality, lose father as a child, bring up by uncle skill. The bride in wedding has a request, want to make compere acting read aloud a letter that writes a mother's brother, thank him as a child endure all kinds of hardships brings up him grow upping. She and husband will appreciate the kindness of the uncle that foster forever, cherish now, live well. She says this bridal uncle is to preside over a wedding ceremony person, oneself are to be not read anyhow, affirmative meeting cries, look for compere generation to read only, in oneself happiest hour, express the feeling that be thankful to the uncle. A heart that be thankful, a wedding that be thankful, I think, this wedding will come whenever stay in the guest with bridal to attend metropolis hard the memory of dismiss from one's mind.
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