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"80 hind " marry crowd wedding is richer originality

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Receive one Zhang Jie marriage to invitation card nowadays, be let a person fill the job that expect -- the wedding because of Hangzhou new personality is more and more amused, not only bridal name more and more dream, the whole ordinary members of theatrical troupe that employ also evening parties of no less than a put together art. Especially as " 80 hind " marry crowd predominate, more is brave in to do sth unconventional or unorthodox, the wedding of make public individual character emerges in endlessly, bridal more and more resembling is a wonderful and to one's heart's content theme the clique is right. Also can say, new-style originality is bridal, what pay attention to more is the enjoyment that brings guest spirit and visual sense, and those who leave newlywed person, it is the implementation of dream of bottom of the heart of a bury.

Hangzhou marriage celebrates whole nation of course of study to precede

Bridal form is innovating all the time, arrived 2007, what the originality wedding of Hangzhou new personality goes is " the theme is changed " course, do not seek a site certainly do sth unconventional or unorthodox, pay attention to detail to make grumous atmosphere more however, the whole thing every flow buckles a theme closely, can compares a large and fashionable news briefing.

Although ceremonial feeling cannot represent eternity, can make marry however the sublimate sense with this thing the greatest generation, accordingly, go doing a ceremony attentively, also mirrorred the heavy visual range to marriage to spend. Occupy to celebrate company controller introduction from the marriage with old job, the marriage of Hangzhou celebrates course of study to develop to be in in the whole nation banner. At the beginning, marriage celebrate a company in the participation in wedding link not better than arranges place; And some services are outspread now the generation that arrived in front decides feast, the honeymoon from the back travels, and of all bridal things purchase, industrial chain is longer and longer, the composition of originality, plan is heavier and heavier at the same time, marriage celebrate compare each other between the company spell originality and service.

Bridal pursuit theme changes detail

No less than pats marriage gauze to take more and more exquisite subject, the wedding nowadays also can draw lessons from some idol play and motion picture are big inspiration at any time. The company is celebrated in large marriage, concoctive division is communicated jointly with new personality commonly, know their amative process and respective interest interest, spend a body for them according to the characteristic of two people again next custom-built a bridal theme, write " bridal scene drama " play. Some new personality are particularly for instance loving fairy tale story, design for them " prince returns " ; Some new personality are particularly delicious, design an enthusiasm for them big " fruit love reason " ; Still have the wedding that makes dress with goldfish of a crock of crock entirely, the implied meaning " always bath loves a river " , if you want to design play of a Han " palace " in that way bridal, marriage the Tai Di Little Bear like celebrating a company to also can be purchased for you. Additional, seasonal theme is reflected adequately also in wedding, for instance " love is in fall " bridal and whole with aureate move for mass-tone, if be to married in December, atmosphere also can reflect thick Christmas to go up in wedding, anyhow is all the originality of a powerful and unconstrained style, can be in bridal on this arena to the top of one's bent put to good use.
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