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Art of marriage Qing Yi is tasted " the dew that show hill "

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Art of marriage Qing Yi is tasted " the dew that show hill "

Marry, person all one's life thing of a great rejoicing. Our newspaper " the new student is vivid " weekly " marriage celebrate 瞭 to look " column, want to bring reader marriage to celebrate the newest information of the market, no matter be hotel of marriage gauze photography, meal, still be water of wine of headgear gift, beverage... we welcome " marriage celebrate a businessman " , consumer dials a telephone 88830863, bring fresh marriage to celebrate newspaper stuff to us.

Recently, the reporter celebrates the understanding on the market to arrive in Fuzhou marriage, celebrate gift besides the marriage such as traditional headgear, home appliance besides, marriage of a few high end celebrates artwork to also be entered in succession be stationed in Fuzhou, celebrate in Fuzhou marriage begin on the market " the dew that show hill " , bring to new personality festival medium affection deep desire is long.

Marriage celebrate gift to call artistic beauty

What kind of marriage celebrates gift, can you have sense of lasting souvenir, blazing? Say a marriage to celebrate formal traditional gift, a lot of person nature can remember all sorts of headgear, annual before the marriage such as the National Day celebrates busy season, its sales volume growth is very apparent, especially diamond kind act the role of article, each brand rolls out many sales promotion means in succession, some is hit even 3 fold exceed low discount to receive sale height, sales volume of a day can be at ordinary times several times. Can say, regard newly-married gift as headgear, had made the habit of a lot of people. And compare with traditional gift photograph, already many youths begin the grade of give sb a present of newly-married of be particular about and art nowadays. Fuzhou allows bridal forest young lady to say, she very the marriage that admires a few big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai celebrates artwork, will festival blend in a design, can celebrate newly-married already, can send out again piece not the glamour of common.

Artistic porcelain values Fuzhou

Wait for city of a gleam of than Beijing, Shanghai, marriage of Fuzhou high end celebrates artwork market to still lie start level. According to Tang Shan Han Yuchun introduces general manager of branch of Fujian of Inc. of pottery and porcelain, the house of life of porcelain of red rose bone of Inc. of Tang Shan pottery and porcelain will be in this year in July health city general merchandise 4 buildings start business, having one major product among them celebrate the market in the light of the marriage of Fuzhou. Han always says, red rose china includes bone porcelain, horniness a variety of elegant gift such as vitreous enamel of fine white china, colour, introduce Chinese tradition and international vogue element, blend in new ceramics culture of China pottery and porcelain design, make and in the life of consumer. Porcelain of each red rose is provided of Great Master of out China pottery and porcelain masterly the elegant originality of craft and foreign stylist, will elegant artistic beauty and china human nature change structural photograph confluence, no matter be appreciation,letting newlywed person still is to enjoy, all show elegant, exalted, and head office rares Gong Mei marriage of classical pottery and porcelain celebrates series to introduce Fuzhou, because had begun to value the marriage of Fuzhou to celebrate consumptive market,be, think high-end gift respect, have the latent capacity that fosters development.
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