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Upstairs choose the lover in meaning downstairs marry things

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Upstairs date, it is downstairs marriage the bar that celebrates things to be revealed centrally, the marriage rich this year can date with our newspaper congress cooperates each other, many citizens jokingly: Upstairs photograph is medium, arrive to be chosen downstairs marry things, convenient.

A delicate gold-rimmed small basket, deserve to go up of gules silk pack buckle, what do looking not carefully to still do not know really do to use. Exhibit proprietress pack buckle open, a few chocolate that show li of biscuit to wear, so this is candy of happy event of one small basket. "I looked a long time, still thinking is the adornment in the room. " an aunt is taking small basket to say, "Did not think of what candy uses to this is Bao Xi, now these things, be more and more delicate really. Be more and more delicate really..

Gauze of marriage of cherub of crystal candlestick, glow, romantic seascape is illuminated... these things are in marriage rich is met go up to be revealed to people one by one. "Too beautiful, when marrying later, I mean these things. " a girl says intimately with the boy friend.

Not only marriage celebrate things to let a person plaint, a lot of marriage celebrated a company to still reveal those who differ to receive close kind today, of the Lincoln car of Western-style lengthen and Chinese style greeting close sedan is to have most representative. "Exhibit today there are such 3 sedans on the meeting, my sedan is best absolutely! " marriage the class teacher that celebrates a company says enthusiasticly to the reporter, "If hire this sedan only, a day 200 money are enough. A day 200 money are enough..

"Do not ramble this market, do not know the thing that still so much wants to buy really. " an aunt that just met in person from upstairs photograph says, "So beautiful, this issues me to also take the wedding that a what kind of pattern conducts to the child after forbidding. "

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