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The artist spins: Make the home sweeter

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Taking pair of the seventh evening of the seventh moon expect, people has reason to dress up his sweet fossa more; This the seventh evening of the seventh moon, do not feel you already were young couple, had felt embarrassed " the Valentine's Day " , actually, love runs ability meticulously only more powerful.

For this, the seventh evening of the seventh moon bedroom of this day, must with different at ordinary times, to the outside view setting sun samples candle power dinner, in returning sweet home again next... after all, the final a home to return to that love each other is to build nest of a love. There should be one to plant in the bedroom already the atmosphere that warmth has an affair with again, have be able to bear or endure the photograph circle that watch, have indistinct desk lamp, it is OK to still have the basket of an affectionate couple of taletelling, still have elegant the curtain that fly violently, enough lets you make a beautiful one shade deep and remote dream.

In Fu Anna, gules series enough lets you spend a romance and softhearted night. The fundamental key of the room is given priority to with sweet feeling, with flower, printing and dyeing the lamp of little picture, downy warmth acts the role of ornament space not to lose lasting appeal. gules bed tastes the feeling that can produce warmth suitably, and the marriage that has artistic touch and festive atmosphere celebrates series suitable, much a few minutes of romantic breath.

Be like " the Hua Kui that seize a world " cotton sticks jacquard weave fabrics, show the burnish like real silk and result of clear vision skinning texture, abstract peony flower and hyacinthine apply colours to a drawing give spring exuberant the theme of opportunity of survival. And " dragon Feng Chengxiang " use the peony that uses abstraction, lily, line of gold of have the aid of draws the outline of realistically Long Feng, use method of cloud grain ability, make colour transfers even, the design of pattern breaks free from conventions, in the air of textural natural and graceful of pattern. Deserve to go up red gauze shop flag, gules bedgown, gules towel, peremptory returned " bridal chamber spends candle night " . Romantic pink color is bright, lively and bouncing, but do not break romance and downy. Give priority to with jacquard weave and satin drill on fabrics, grace of appearance of grain of jacquard weave fabrics, exquisite, use delicate embroider technology, flowers embroider is very outstanding, cater to the client on the market to go after the requirement that novel, difference changes. Apply exquisite bud silk extensively on detail lacy, the combination of Lei Sihua edge and jacquard weave fabrics, let you return a girl to need the state of mind in word boudoir.

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