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Buy marriage celebrate things these detail want to notice

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Wanted to marry, foliaceous young lady this paragraph of time is busy extremely, should be free to be gone to only marriage gauze inn, shop happy candy runs, still do not forget at the same time and discuss all sorts of detail with the friend with her about the same wedding day. Looking is detail, processing is good, not only save worry, still can be economical.

Gem: Activity of the last ten-day of a month is much in September

Had not bought the accurate people of a new type of gem, can wait two days to move again. As we have learned, current, each are big the brand resembles Xie Ruilin, Zhoudafu, 100 blessing waiting to roll out the activity that is aimed at marriage market in the plan, the time that start is basic by September or at the beginning of October.

Marriage gauze: Hire in order to buy generation gradually popular

Since this year, many marriage gauze inn begin to try to sell marriage gauze, after accurate bride takes a fancy to design, the businessman orders goods from Guangzhou or Shanghai again. Although the price is more expensive than what buy from Suzhou, but quantity body is custom-built, saved travelling expenses again, still hold out be to one's profit. Current, the marriage gauze of all sorts of price, design can be bought on lukewarm city market get. This kind of form that hires in order to buy generation got the favour of many individual character personages.

Happy candy: Next month may rise in price

The reporter understands from the free market of agricultural products, the candy of this month went up than 78 month 10% the left and right sides, the candy that has a brand goes up morer, resemble heart Fu chocolate, it is almost a day a price. The controller that spreads according to be fond of candy introduces, candied October price still can rise for certain, as to go up how many, bad still now to say.

Hotel: Can get become for nothing

Although the hotel should be booked ahead of schedule, but the accurate new personality that decides to marry temporarily also need not too anxious, still a few sky become what can get. As we have learned, wait for more popular hotel like overseas Chinese, international, new South Asia, one day can arrange the feast of 5 pairs of new personality at most. New South Asia on October 4, victoria on October 3, 4 days, 5 days, 7 days, international on October 1, 2 days, 3 days, did not discharge 7 days full, a few otherer the hotel also stays have such " become for nothing " , if the amount of wine desk is equal, order now return there's still time.

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