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Changchun fall marriage celebrate shop mad also

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Know Changchun is used at to new personality now marriage how many money is the consumption that celebrates things? The answer is 80 thousand yuan! These 80 thousand yuan include the gold that 5000 yuan of ~1 control 10 thousand yuan to act the role of article, 3000 yuan of ~5000 yuan the 5000 yuan of marriage gauze photography, cost of the left and right sides that rent a car, star course that influences 10 thousand yuan hotel marriage banquet, expenditure of adscititious newly-married electric equipment is in 50 thousand yuan basically, cost of household articles for use is controlled 5000 yuan.

The reporter celebrates the market to understand in Changchun marriage, new personality has permeated high quality requirement increasingly in the life, be in especially marriage celebrate things buy on expression particularly apparent. Happy event is ceaseless in August, had celebrated market hood for whole Changchun marriage head of a good cheer. And true marriage is celebrated " flames of war " will ignite thoroughly in September, the businessman has prepared the knife and fork of minute of a thick soup, and exert all over skill, it is only share bigger a marriage celebrates the market " cake " .

The osmosis of high quality demand

Discover not hard, marriage celebrate things to sell most of fire should count market of articles for use of building of shadow of gauze of market of home appliance bazaar, gem, marriage, household and costume. And contain what individual style reachs grade article to buy to these, most new personality lays the view in high-grade bazaar. It is reported, changchun each are big bazaar to cater to the demand of consumer individuation, the powerful combination of the brand has been rolled out in the round.

The reporter sees in inn of a bedding, the commodity of new-style individual character is the object of new personality main attack. "I think bedding a complete set of is bought, basically be comfortable, have fashionable feeling, integral style is more unified. Although the price also wants a consideration, but favorite thing also is to spend money to cannot be bought occasionally. " a pair of newlywed person that picking commodity tell a reporter. Reporter discovery, a lot of commodity need to distribute money to Guangzhou and other places now, and the price also compares the product tower above in bazaar a lot of. Resemble Luo Lai, richly the true gold, Fu Anna, brand that loving to wait for bedding more is consumer favour.

The businessman is cast piece " one-stop service "

Celebrate the market in the light of prosperous marriage, the businessman also rolls out different sale strategy, one-stop the service is a businessman advocate one of propagandist strategy that shift. Buy for example give an activity, dozen fold privilege to wait. Relevant controller introduces building of shadow of Li marriage gauze, marriage gauze illuminates the grand opera that is new personality, also be the true portraiture of sweet love. Accordingly, industry of Changchun shadow building also is aimed at marriage celebrated the market to develop new service project, if illuminate marriage gauze to illuminate the sweet monthly holiday that can enjoy diverse line to swim,wait, the pursuit of new personality individuation was satisfied on certain level.
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