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Marriage celebrate things choose and buy to have knowledge

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The weight that nowadays candy holds happy candy is less and less, those who replace is a few chocolate that pack each different, because be big batch,buy, what consumer often considers is the price, and ignored quality. What does not know these low chocolate is " army of a less known and inferior brand " , some are even " 3 without " product.

According to report of a few consumer, the candied area that was in a few terminal market a few days ago, put have sundry, different the chocolate that pack. The price of these chocolate is dog-cheap, a few yuan of money can buy below one, theory jin sell ability 10 yuan of fund a jin. But these are cheap manufacturing date was not made clear on the outer packing of chocolate, the recipe is writing the part such as white saccharic, acting cocoa butter on one column, manufacturer address is to keep a garrison post only, do not have street reach doorplate number, and connection phone also is mobile phone number only. And a few booth advocate express, what birth date is not vital, chocolate takes money very fast, have impossibly expire product.

The basis concerns a provision, manufacturing chocolate must want to contain " cocoa butter " , and the box is packed to go up in these cheap chocolate, those who replace is the price is low however " acting cocoa butter " .

The personage inside course of study reminds, inferior chocolate surface is rough, there are a lot of air holes after be being broken, it is difficult to be contained in the mouth melt; Good chocolate criterion glossiness is good, exquisite and even, contain in the mouth to be able to melt slowly.

Bedding health care the first

Be in a few bazaar and supermarket at present, the marriage that a few value do not poor celebrates bedding suit to had begun to be displayed to be in the most conspicuous position. And these and marriage celebrate the suit price related the theme to be in surely 1000 yuan of above, taste price tower above than common bed one cut.

Be in a few terminal market, many stall also advocate hit red, gules bedding price also tastes tower above than common bed many, price reachs 600 yuan in 300 yuan between. Some feel want than what bazaar sells a lot of curter.

The expert reminds: The bedding that chooses advantageous and healthy Morpheus is the most important. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, many rejected product exist in regular brand is not on the market at present, a lot of problems exist on its quality.

These problems basically have 3: It is ratio of bath size variation does not amount to mark, 2 it is rate of norms dimension error does not amount to mark, 3 it is fiber content does not amount to mark, these problem products bring particular worry for the life of consumer. These want an attention in the choose and buy, consumer does not want a covet petty gain, and want product of famous brand of choose and buy of large market supermarket.

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