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Dalian home appliance hits a marriage to celebrate a card

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Another " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , marry the height comes subsequently, the reporter visited the marriage that business of Dalian much home spreads to celebrate the discovery when shop of things shop, home appliance market a few days ago, marry the height brings sale height to the businessman, the price also all the way bullish.

It is reported, since September, many marriage celebrate a company to accept the order not only than last year the corresponding period wants much, charge also has small to rise. The reporter notices from the quotation that a few marriage celebrate a company, the quote of many projects is divided for off-season price and season price, go up most apparent is marriage car rent, among them, the price of luxurious marriage car such as Laosilaisi, Kaidilake, Lincoln rises somewhat.

A professional marriage celebrates the makeup girl of the company to tell a reporter near green mud depression bridge, her plan has been discharged before the golden week full, "I must keep going ' drive ' , I also received the golden week last year 8 wedding, can become many 10 at a draught this year, when doing not have leisure at all. " the reporter celebrates a company to understand from this marriage, "11 " this company predicts the golden week hold do marriage celebrate 30 or so, than last year the corresponding period increased many 10.

Bridal hot, also bring the sale that heated up bridal things, many bridal things are " go up " sound. The reporter visits discovery of inn of gauze of marriage of Dalian much home, marriage gauze sales volume is climbed all the way tall. Meanwhile, marriage celebrate things to also be chased after hold in both hands. The reporter is in the terminal market of much home small commodities near bridge of food market of Xi Gang region to discover, a few marriage celebrate used small commodities to accept favour fully, a vendor's stand that sells balloon and invitation card advocate tell a reporter, from enter since September, the sales volume of this bar is climbed for a time litre, enter since September, close half-moon sale had exceeded whole the sale August, and sales volume still is in climb successively litre. The reporter notices, from word of candied bag, happy event, balloon, to firework canister, invitation card, in consumption season price has different level to rise.

The reporter sells an understanding to arrive from the home appliance such as beauty of this city Su Ning, country, distributors of each home appliance will is early June almost " Jin Jiuyin 10 " had made extraordinary purchase in advance, and as " Jin Jiuyin 10 " arrival, businessman also take advantage of an opportunity hit many pieces " sales promotion " card. In depression inn of green mud of national beautiful Dalian, of flat TV, liquid crystal TV " give, award, fold " the keyword that also becomes sales promotion now.

The personage inside course of study reminds the youth that preparing to marry, want to plan bridal consumption according to oneself actual strength and need, avoid by all means vies blindly and consume blindly, brought unnecessary burden to oneself and domestic person.
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