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Marriage, it is the hall of love, marriage room is the most beautiful place in that heaven more. Two people are common hand in hand that day of day night, be in eventually this time, this place proves to the person of the whole world, the faithful that proves us not change, the love that proves us will never fade.

Wedding is all one's life only important matter, want economic condition to allow only so, everybody hopes to hold those who do is lively, creditable. The ancients foils with Gong Zhu and happy word, will place good blessing to new personality with earthnut, big jujube. Now nowadays of marriage room dressing up is multifarious more, changeless is people to happiness yearning with pursuit.

2007, be destined is happy a particular year, new Year beginning greets finish marriage spring tide, a lot of people are full of hope ground to planning to be in this gold pig year important matter of the first class in the life that finish, will give birth to an Olympic Games darling smoothly tomorrow. Married 2008 spring tide is sure come more ferally, undertake the important matter that the Olympic Games is a Chinese, it is the glory of all Chinese, holy marriage gauze is draped to have special sense more in this glorious day, happiness can receive everybody's blessing more.

What marriage tide brings is the whole nation not only is beaming, more potential infinite business chance.
What adornment does marriage room use? The value is not fundamental, must sweet! What does friend marriage send? The value is not fundamental, must like! Although consumer people not hesitate heavy gold is cast to marriage celebrate adorn taste the market, but current state, professional, comprehensive marriage still is lacked to celebrate on the market adorn taste inn. The although have marriage of a few sales,celebrates things businessman on the market, however because breed is not whole, without comprehensive management, cannot satisfy customer without the reason such as the brand people the consumptive demand that this emerges like the flood.

Gift of warm house love catchs Korea romance just about followed this huge market first machine, with professional, overall product, considerate, overall service, concentrated, extensive distributing, rapid occupational marriage celebrate adorn taste this fecund market. Enter the market, be come in great numbers by broad consumer reputably.
Korea, with vogue famed at the world. Beautiful dress, act the role of elegantly article the popularity as Han drama is chased after quickly to hold in both hands by broad youth, love and esteem. Gift of love of Korea romance warm house (China) headquarters with respect to traceable east vogue always Korea, all products all design Great Master elaborate design by international, accumulate the express that containing deep to feeling understanding, have the careful pattern of fashionable popularity.

According to different affective demand, cent is " romantic sweethearts house " , " love DIY house " , " festival things house " , " house of language of pray blessing heart " , " birthday joy house " 5 old series. Softhearted candle, romantic sweethearts slipper, colorful sweethearts necklace, if love people to be able to be used,arrive only, can find in inn. Product value differs to hundreds of yuan from a few yuan, can satisfy the requirement with different consumer of disparate arrangement of ideas.
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