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Marriage celebrate things fashionable group to buy

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Draw near as height of National Day marriage, each marriage celebrates service and marriage to celebrate things price to rise somewhat, marry to be saved as far as possible defray, many accurate new personality begin accompany group to buy marriage celebrate article.

The Wang Yu that will be about to marry on October 2 took the marriage gauze that celebrates the group on the website to buy from a professional marriage and formal attire recently, two cost 680 yuan in all. She tells a reporter, she worked in the same place to join marriage gauze group to buy on the website together with what also will marry in October last month, collect is neat 20 can deliver goods. She feels such price is mixed hired marriage gauze how to much to differ, to this the group is bought well-content. The reporter understands, join a group to buy range, have a plenty of combination of the classmate of wedding day close, colleague, some is through Internet relevant forum is combined temporarily. On-the-spot group is bought want on collect 35 pairs commonly, and the group on the net is bought want collect to arrive 20 or 30 buy the home. Usually, the group is bought can let new personality save the expenditure of 10% at least, some commodity so as to save are more.

Nevertheless the expert reminds accurate newlywed person: Zi ≡ ? marries when the group buys " , besides noting the price, the quality that should notice to buy goods more serves related to carry out hind, should choose normal businessman and purchase channel, sign detailed contract, withhold dimension authority testimony.

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