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Channel of xinhua net Tianjin on October 7 report this year, the accurate new people of Tianjin city is being bought adorn when tasting, pay attention to as harmonious as the whole of dress, hairstyle collocation more, when they are buying the jewelry such as catenary of necklace, hand, ring more and more tend form a complete set is changed. 6 days, tianjin of national statistic bureau investigates Dong Shunrong of total fleet controller to introduce, october greets finish marriage fastigium fall, tianjin city gets Buddhist monastic discipline, watch to wait act the role of taste and the of all kinds marriage such as bedding commodity sale is hot.

According to showing to some bazaar investigation, sale of its gold jewelry is compared on year the corresponding period grew 50% . The sale of high-grade watch is very good also, especially 7000 yuan of entrance watch to 10000 yuan most the favour that gets customer.

Additional, partial big market begins to be begun from September in the light of marry the sales promotion activity of things, make price of partial marriage things somewhat fall after a rise, be like price fall of this city bedding 2.7% .

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