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"11 " golden week marriage celebrates the market to hold out fire

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Report from our correspondent (jading Wu Chungong of Zhang Lu of reporter Luan Yunpeng's reporter) yesterday, the reporter learns from bureau of business affairs of city of the Qin Dynasty, this year " 11 " during the golden week, the consumable market of city of the Qin Dynasty is supplied enough, purchase and sale two flourishing. Business affairs bureau is right 7 large market of whole town (supermarket) with the market of 6 meal enterprise the data that monitor shows, will come 7 days on October 1, commodity of implementation of businessman accumulative total sells amount eighty million six hundred and ninety-seven thousand two hundred yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 11.82% .

According to not complete count, national Day eve, current business organizes the trade of city of the Qin Dynasty in all total value of supply of goods amounts to 1 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period grew 12% to control, among them non-staple food tastes 550 million yuan, industrial product 450 million yuan. During the festival, the main deputy provision such as flesh of flocks and herds of oil of the vegetable of whole town, grain, pig and egg, dairy produce, aquatic product is supplied enough, satisfied consumptive requirement of the citizen well.

In the meantime, each are big inside city bazaar, supermarket also has sufficient the commodity such as smoke, wine, candied, beverage offers citizen and tourist choose and buy, each are large and medium-sized current business recommended trade actively the festival such as gem of cap of shoe of equipment of the electric home appliances

According to data of statistic of business affairs bureau, "11 " during, content of Bohai Sea of city of the Qin Dynasty flows accuse limited company of trade of an Inc. , wide edge, Bao Longcang sale of commodity of implementation of accumulative total of 7 large market such as trade limited company, supermarket seventy-three million six hundred and forty-eight thousand seven hundred yuan, than last year the corresponding period grew 11.87% . Gift of food, festival, marriage celebrates cap of shoe of things, dress, bed to taste with electric equipment most sell like hot cakes.

Dweller of market of consumable of city of the Qin Dynasty consumes structural occurrence change, fashionable dress of gem of product of TV of mobile phone, liquid crystal, number, bullion, Yingji become the market to be bestowed favor on newly; The digital product such as camera of smartphone, number, MP4 gets of young gens chase after ardently hold in both hands; The bullion gem sale of bazaar grew 20% above compared to the same period; The sale of dress of Qiu Dong season of each big market sales promotion grows considerably.
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