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Personalized marriage celebrates things welcome

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Butterfly flutters the flower makes the atmosphere of wedding of characteristic equipment foil such as the road

Should book only can offer flying butterfly is put in the spot, to attend a ceremony person the desk of photograph of shed candy tower, Yin Youxin's person is placed and marriage wine... the height is celebrated in the marriage of at present in, marriage of a few characteristic celebrates things to accept the youth's favour fully.

A few shrewd businessmen are Tianjin contented new personality demands the requirement that demands different newly, will contain people of a new type in succession the newly-married things of all sorts of information and souvenir are pushed to the market, the marriage that has individuation extremely celebrates things to get the reception of new personality quite. In marriage celebrate a company, should book only can put flying butterfly in bridal spot, the box is opened, various beautiful butterfly flutters slowly come out, around the left and right sides of new personality, let bridal spot add romantic atmosphere. Besides the common cup tower in marriage ceremony, this year marriage celebrated things to appear again the fluorescent cup tower with original model, appear very romantic and fashionable below candle power set off in bridal process. Additional, still can use those who contain lamp post in wedding " the road is brought " , new personality presides over a wedding ceremony from red carpet trend the flower contains when field " the road is brought " shine one by one, beauty comes extremely. And when bridal end, new personality is OK still 99 when be placed into candy tower small candy box is cast to everybody, interactive atmosphere is very enthusiastic. If new personality is willing, the table that still can make picture of Yin Youxin's person is placed and marriage wine. As to bridal bag happy candy, type candy wraps the Lei Siou of the department lace of style of type of not only now Europe, the candy of Chinese style of silks and satins that also has admire jade is wrapped, satisfied the requirement of different grade new personality.

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