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The search on the net " happy experience " (vogue gathers)

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The search on the net " happy experience " (vogue gathers)

Nowadays 80 hind had become marry brunt, be brought up in Internet times they, prepare in wedding go up to should do sth unconventional or unorthodox. Many 80 hind accurate new personality relies on Internet, go on the search engine such as search dog ask for advice makes preparations the method that after bridal measure, marriage celebrates banquet of company price service, marriage, redundant goods and materials makes over. The practice that happy experience searchs on this kind of net is in new personality already become common practice.

Happiness is searched on experience net

Pupil favour, assistant of department of market of Beijing some company, 25 years old, typical 80 hind gens, 11 ” golden week just holds “ bridal. To the important matter small condition that wedding arranges, pupil favour tells a reporter, very much main experience is gained from the engine of a few searches such as search dog. “ for instance, go up according to filmed problem in marriage gauze, the netizen tells me marriage gauze how to coordinate should be patted, have specific aim very much, and practical. ” pupil favour listened the proposal of netizens, chose individual shadow to resemble atelier. Pupil favour says, shadow floor price does not poor and 1000 people one side, cannot reflect personality completely, also she goes to affirmatory finally photography atelier in the search on search dog. In addition, the option that knot wedding takes also comes from at the network, “ the marriage gauze that nevers leave home to be able to ramble to love to oneself, when be being saved again favour of pupil of save labour 1 is right ” of oneself “ network adviser is profuse in praise.

It is likewise 80 hind the small graceful of gens, also had entered wedding to prepare now period. She tells a reporter, marriage of her choose and buy celebrates the recipe of things to use search dog to be searched one time on the net first namely, goods compares 3, next redo decision. The marriage with much younger …… of post of “ happy event, garland, adornment, bag happy candy celebrates things to be able to be on the net find, and after often having the benefit that reaps 1 savor network accidentally, small graceful plans simply him DIY bridal, car of emcee, marriage is same get online do calm!

Beijing marriage celebrates association a controller tells " the market signs up for " reporter, be brought up in Internet times 80 hind gens idea is trendier, in treat marry when this important event, a lot of people are used to the experience that gets other marriage with all possible means from the net, still have marry all sorts of resource of a need. Wait for search engine to wait to had become them to get all sorts of marriage like search dog the important channel of information.
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