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Marriage celebrated consumption to reflect culture consciousness

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The period with the allegedly biggest spending in one individual lifetime marries namely around this phase, marriage a kind when celebrate consumption to already became the masses to consume nowadays, formed phenomenon of a kind of economy. Many economic experts from macroscopical on analytic China marriage celebrates the market, think this consumes the market to have latent capacity greatly together; Actually, the marriage of our country celebrates the market to start at last centuries 80 time, had had 20 years, but in in last few years just gradually flourishing rise. The businessman of all trades and professions takes aim to this market. Also the personage inside a few course of study feels, cannot blind and hopeful, our country marriage celebrates the market to grow time still short, still be in primary market, return than be apart from difference with foreign photograph very big, whole marriage celebrates the market to still need integrated, promotion.

The reporter interviewed Shanghai marriage to celebrate Zhong Hua of guild chairman Cao recently, he introduced Shanghai marriage to celebrate the condition with current market to the reporter, think Shanghai marriage celebrates the market to still be in immature primary level at present.

Express above all consumptive market is immature still now. Cao chairman says, marriage the extension that celebrates consumption is not to marry only already the cost that day, commodity house, family is decorated, the relevant project such as travel of headgear of electric home appliances

Next consumer psychology is immature. The culture that Cao chairman attended many abroad communicates celebration of activity and civilian wedding, he compared the similarities and differences of domestic and international wedding, form of wedding of the west in feeling is blending each other. Oriental wedding pays attention to lively culture to be being absorbed by Hesperian, if be in of marriage banquet place a stand, a lot of countries appear the round-table type feast that China changes. But the trend of foreign wedding is to go delicate to change way, domestic wedding still stays merely mainly lively convivial on. The consumer that he feels this showed country to marriage the concept that celebrates consumption is immature still.
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